Our Governing Body British Gymnastics are complying with new data protection laws, so in the next term (Sept 2017) we will need to ask all parents/members to complete their membership renewal details online with British Gymnastics directly, however the club will still collect the fees for your insurance over the summer and pass it on to British Gymnastics. 

I will direct you to the link, it’s a simple questionnaire to ensure we as clubs are in line with new EU rules on data protection and for them also to have updated addresses for membership packs. The clubs can no longer collect this data or membership information by law, so when you pay your yearly insurance to the club around Sept 2017, or at join up time, you will then be directed to the member portal with BG where you will get your own unique ID and log in, but you will not need to pay them direct so you may check out after finishing the data form. It will be easier for you to pay the insurance and club charge with your fees as normal, to save extra banking work for you, this payment method staying via the club is part of our club rules and procedures to cover the outsourcing costs in checking it is all done, so is not optional in this club to pay British Gymnastics direct. This will introduce lots of exciting changes as they will be able to offer you selected opportunities aimed at any special requirements/needs to benefit your child.  Please tell them if you are linked to more than one club. 

For a breakdown of Insurance costs and associated club charges please see FAQs under ‘Other costs/awards tab’.  We will gather weekly reports from British Gymnastics to check data and payments have been put through on your behalf, so the admin load to us will not change but will now be complaint with the new laws. 

Current and new members must register with British Gymnastics directly from the new term, October 2017 onwards!
Here is the link to do so: www.british-gymnastics.org