All the Club Champs entries are in as we are now past the deadline, and we are busy planning the event. Round times have all gone out so you should all have that now. Shout if not or check spam. If anyone who is not entered, wishes to come along and see the elite girl’s team displays, please arrive 11 am or we have a second display an approx 1 pm if you miss that one. Henfield Leisure Centre Sunday 15th July. Free parking. We also will have a Parkour display later in the day in round 6 at 3.30pm and we look forward to sharing tea and cakes with you all and catching up.

It is a truly lovely day to see progress, meet the whole team across our ten sites, and enjoy scrumptious homemade cakes. It is a fundraiser also to buy new gymnastics equipment. Medals and/or trophies go out to all and extra ones for high achievers/great attitude to learning.


Our last day of term is Monday 9th July. That is an extra Monday added on due to a bank holiday, but the rest of the club finish the week before. We have an extra Saturday class on 14th July also due to a competition cancellation. We continue to do ten-week courses with a break for half term, so we do not follow the school term’s exactly and we tend to start back/finish a bit earlier/later for this reason, mainly due to hall hire clashes and also our Uni Staff not being available until mid Sept so not wishing to be short staffed at term start/end for quality purposes. So we allow for this by offering shorter terms, (you are only charged for what you get) however we do offer optional holiday clubs (paid for separately) should you want more over the break (details to come).

We return Monday 17th September for a ten week course and next term it is a two week half term break, to be in line with our Brighton sites (who’s schools now break for two weeks in October 22nd October to 4th Nov) and for consistency we will all have to follow suite, making the last week of term is Mon 3rd to Friday 7th December. (See below for Saturday squad term dates which differ).

Our Saturday squad at Steyning will be changing to Henfield on a Saturday next term due to having better four piece equipment there, but there are a couple of dates they have clashes, so we will add two Saturdays on to allow for this, meaning the Saturday class goes back slightly earlier on 15th Sept and will end a bit later on 15th Dec.

The two Saturday’s we have to cancel are 29th Sept and 24th November. (Sat class breaks for half term on 27th Oct and 3rd Nov).

So we have played catch up. I hope this is no further for you to travel as it’s very local still and has much better facilities for elite gymnastics going forward (The change will only apply to this training day).