STARS GYMNASTICS CLUB offers gymnastics training for boys and girls, from tots to teens, in the following disciplines:

– Pre-school Gymnastics
– Boys & Girls General Gymnastics
– Girls and Boys progressive Gymnastics / Development competitive squads
– Trampolining
– Freestyle Gymnastics / Parkour / Tricking
– Private One to One & Adult Tuition
– Coach education via a British Gymnastics Tutor

We operate in many leisure centres across the UK. We have 40 + satellite and hub agency sites in London and South East regions. Our aim is to spot talented children and encourage them in to local BG clubs for development.

We have child protection officers resident in the club and first aid appointed persons.
Please contact Victoria should you have any welfare concerns.
Victoria Grace Elliot
Tel: 07917 716077
Email: Ve.starsgym@gmail.com
Please DO NOT contact this child welfare line for general class enquiries.

Stars GC regularly employ a British Gymnastics tutor to deliver coach education master classes to our coaches. To prepare them for higher level exams and other disciplines. We are keen to develop coach education so if you are a parent or ex gymnast looking to train as a coach, please do let us know. We also are often looking to expand our team, so if you are qualified in WA, Rhythmic, General or MA, please do contact us.
Stars Gym Club has a host of qualified BG Coaches and trainee coaches at all of our sites and a resident club mentor.

NOTE: Regular procedures are updated concerning safety and given out to our coaches regularly concerning fire, emergency, and accidents, and what to do in these events.


Manager & Director

Amanda Wadman started teaching gymnastics in local schools about 15 years ago. Stars Gymnastics Club has developed into a very successful BG registered club, operating from several centres with several hundred members.
Following requests from local schools to introduce gymnastics into their programmes Amanda used her knowledge of the recruitment industry and created Stars Coaching Agency, which has been very successful in West Sussex. This has now evolved across the whole of the UK and abroad, and will continue to build on that success and provide the same level of service, to schools, leisure centres, Local Authority groups or private health clubs over the whole of the UK.

The Agency continues to be fully supportive of the development of British Gymnastics with school/club links.


Club Manager – Amanda Wadman
Level 3 GG coach including somersaults/aerials module, Level 2 Trampoline, L2 FS, Qualified Floor and Vault Judge. Qualified In Club Management and Child Welfare Course/First aid.

Head Coach and Squad Coach – Jade Wadman
Level 2/3 coach and FS coach level 2 – qualified judge. Qualifications include somersaults/aerial’s module. Preschool Level 2 Coach.

Lead Coach and boys squad coaches – Victoria Elliot
(Level 2/3 GG and FS – qualified club judge). Qualifications including somersaults/aerial’s module.Preschool Level 2 Coach.

Karen Pettit – Lead Coach
Level 2 coach including L3 somersaults /aerial’s module, L1 Trampoline, L2 Preschool. Laura May Pettit assisting.

Michelle England Reed – Lead Coach Hove site
Level 4 Trampoline Coach. Level 2/3 GG coach including somersaults and aerials module, FS level 3 (FreeG), Level 1 Team Gym, Level 3 Preschool. High-level Judge in two disciplines.

Grace Oliner – Level 2 Coach GG.
All sites

Elsa Kirkwood – Level 0 Coach
Proficiency award level- Studying level 1 GG.

Emma Martin – Level 2 Coach

Tara Mills – Level 2
GG Coach

Audra Lewis – Level 3 WA Coach
Cover coach

Max Hayes – International MA competitor / Coach

Kelly Smith – Level 5 High Performance Women’s Artistic Coach
Has recently joined the club and aids the girls squad development and mentoring of staff.

Max Fotiadis
Trainee coach

Laura May Pettitt
Assistant Coach

Chloe Morris
Level one coach

Mia Tugdee
Level 1 WA Coach

Alice Bainton
Level 1 GC

Rosie Blakeley
Trainee Coach/Younger Leader

Sandy Naylor
L3 GG Coach (cover coach)

Gina Neal
Qualified Choreographer for Girls Competition routines / Freelance

Ellen Russel
Level 2 WA coach

Urban Gymnastics Coaches:

Jai Battrick – Level 2

Joseph Henderson – Level 2

Jordi Torrens Heppell – cover coach L2

Josh Wakeley – BG Teenager award – club leader

Nicole Kitson – Qualified Dance Teacher and Choreographer, coming at degree level

Anna Marie Goodchild – volunteer

Sky Costello – Volunteer

Freya Lily – trainee coach

Eloise Harrison – Qualified Club Judge

Alex Stekasarus – Parkour Coach

Quinlan Jenkins – Parkour Coach

Other contacts and Agency Supply Coaches:

Zeinab Shadman Zanjani -Level 2 WA Coach in our London schools

Jenna Rowthorne – L2 GG

Ina Tsankova – Level 2 WA

Elenora Baio – Level 3 Rhythmic

Heather Phillips – Trampoline level 3, PS level 3, WA L3, Disability and therapist.

Alana Crouch – Level 1

Andy Pierkaski – Stars GC Club Mentor – BG Tutor

Karen Moore – Level 3 Trampoline Coach

Carleen Betteridge – Level 2 GG coach

Laura Phillips – Level 3 GG Coach and Therapist

Petra Haller – Dance Coach

Jenny Roberts – L2 Trampoline Coach

Michelle England Reed – L4

Victoria Elliot – L2/3

Jade Wadman – L2/3

Karen Pettitt – Level 2/3 – Second Welfare Officer at various sites.
Email : karenpettitt04@gmail.com (regarding any welfare concern about those sites no general enquires to this email address please)

Andres Fakras – L4 Artistic Mens

Ramona Reinvall – L3 Rhythmic

Justin Bannister – L4 MA

Eleanor Horn – L2 WA

Daniel Thompson – L1 General

Oksana Prots – Level 1 General