Can we have a trial:

Yes, please see trial date as advised.  One trial is offered at a reduced cost of £5, and we can tell you the availability in our timetable on the day.

How long is the course:

We offer 3 terms a year, each term comprising of 10 week blocks (10 Classes)


How much:

£100 a term for one hour per week for all classes* but our costs are reduced for more hours training. We request a monthly standing order of £25 (see rates for sibling discounts etc). This spreads the cost over 4 months so you don’t have to pay one big lump sum. Gym fees are VAT Inclusive.

*Our 7-7:45 Thursday class is £20 per month as it is a shorter session. As is Stanley Deason 4:45pm class. If you do a 45 min class followed by another class of one hour, it’s £45 p/m.

We have a sliding discount rate for the more hours you do: (These costs are per child)
1 hour              £25 per month
2 hours            £47.50 per month
3 hours            £61 per month
4 hours            £75 per month
6 hours            £97.50 per month

New Preschool classes:
Prices £80 per term for 10 week course at 45 mins per class.
This will be split up in to monthly payments of £20 per month with the normal two months notice required of leaving (or to see the term out).


We offer a 10% discount for up to 2 siblings. 15% for 3 or more.

Can we pay one big lump sum:

It makes admin a lot trickier for us and we would rather spend our time making the classes as good for the children as we can.  

When does this need to be paid:

We ask for the first instalment a month in advance to act as a deposit and to ensure your child’s place. This is unrelated to the term dates however, as it’s a spread cost. First amount must be paid three days before the second lesson or we cannot hold the space and process the insurance in time.

How do we pay it:

You set up a standing order with your bank to be paid on the agreed monthly date, which is the 21st of each month.  If you need to pay on a slightly different date please email the office.  Your standing order MUST have your child’s unique Stars number as a reference otherwise we will not be able to accept your payments and your child’s place could be lost. You will be emailed the SG Bank Details following sign up.


Any other costs/Awards:

Yes you are obliged to have personal accident insurance (this is separate to the club’s public liability insurance), and this includes membership to our governing body so your first payment will include this annual cost to British Gymnastics directly and there is a new required data form for members to fill in with them and you will get your own personal login.  Annual renewal Sept/Oct.  They do reduce the cost if you join after June. 

Insurance will cost £17 to British Gymnastics (£11 for preschool) not VAT applicable 

£15 Annual Club Membership fee to Stars GC – inclusive of VAT (Due each Sept as a separate payment to fees)

£9 for preschool

Ten percent sibling discount on the annual club fee and monthly fee costs 

Invoices will be sent once you join listing out the costs

What if we want to quit:

We ask for 2 months notice or to finish the term. This must be done by email and not in the class. This ensures that we can offer a space to the people on the waiting list in good time. Not turning up or cancelling your payment, does not qualify as notice.


Are we automatically signed up for next term:

Yes. We ask you to ensure your monthly standing order is still set up with your bank so it rolls forward to pay toward the next term.  Please do not cancel it in the breaks.


Holidays / Shows:

We don’t hold normal classes on school or public holidays but you do still receive a full 10 classes for the term, so any cancelled lessons due to bad weather etc, are added to the term. We keep the course slightly shorter than the school term to allow for such cancellations. 

We do offer holiday clubs at times, and these are paid for separately, and sent out on email with a booking form.
Competitive squads are required to train more hours and the girls and boys elite squad coaches will be in-touch with additional date options.   Please do not unsubscribe from mail chimp unless you leave us, as it’s imperative that we can reach you with club news, for safety reasons.  We have an annual club show and competition for parents to view progress and we offer regular displays and compete regionally with our squads. We do not have space for spectating during the lessons so please drop off only, but there are café areas and windows.

What do the children wear:

Leotards or shorts and T-shirts to be worn. Bare feet in the gym, unless your child is trampolining, in which case, socks will be required.  No baggy clothes, dresses, hoodies, jeans, jewellery or watches to be worn, as this invalidates the club insurance. Please put tape or plasters over stud earrings, if they cannot be removed.

Do we need to purchase the SG outfits:

It’s not compulsory unless you compete, but all our range can be ordered via the clothing order form shown on our website. Please post this with a cheque, to avoid payments being confused with fees online.


Is it just for Children:

The majority of our classes are but we have just introduced an Adult class. Keep an eye on our website for details.


None of these answer my question:

Please email me. If you are already enrolled please quote your child’s SG ref number, full name, class time, venue and day in all corresponding emails. We shall aim to respond within 48 hours.