If you contact the Agency it will be assumed that you accept these Terms and Conditions

Ms Amanda Wadman – Proprietor of Stars Coaching Agency (the Agency), obtains your services (the Coach) for gymnastics coaching for different Organisations (the Client). All business and information associated with the Agency, must remain strictly private and confidential between the Agency and the Coach.

The Coach is responsible for
1. Obtaining, and maintaining, the necessary coaching qualifications,
2. Ensuring that their CRB check is current and a copy of the latest version is held by the Agency
3. Ensuring that they observe British Gymnastics Guidelines in Health and Safety, Code of Conduct and Ethics.
4. Maintaining their insurance with British Gymnastics for public liability.
5. Submitting invoices, on headed paper, to the Agency, showing the coaching jobs completed in that month.
6. The set up and de-rig, and occasional admin, in their own time, and as a gesture of goodwill, unless otherwise notified by the Agency.
7. Not discussing rate of pay or any financial details with the Client.
8. Not contacting, or accepting contact from, any previous Client direct to arrange coaching hours, or permanent placements, without first consulting the Agency.

The Agency is responsible for
1. Contacting suitably qualified Coach(es) for a Client,
2. Paying the Coach at the end of each month for work completed in that month in accordance with their invoice,
3. Providing training and development for the Coaches so as to enhance their range of expertise.

Once a task has been agreed between a Client, the Agency and a Coach the Client is obliged to pay for the hours booked at the rate for the Coach allocated, unless other work can be supplied.

The Agency will support its coaches, with training and development, including exam support, lifts, provision of gymnasts, and mentoring. As a team, we all support each other with loyalty and commitment, when additional help is required, and in our own time.

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